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On August 14, 1861 the State of California was asked to furnish three regiments of infantry by the Lincoln Administration in its efforts to quell the secessionist serpent in the South. The 2nd California Volunteer Infantry was formed among these units. Colonel Francis J. Lippitt was appointed as commander of the Regiment.

The regiment was organized at the Presidio in San Francisco and, after completing its organization, five companies were sent to Northern California, Oregon, and Washington Territory to relieve regular troops, and two companies were sent to Santa Barbara. Company B of the 2nd Regt. had arrived at Fort Tejon from Visalia one day ahead of Company G Companies D and G of the 2nd California Cavalry had been garrisoned as early as July 1863. In command of the fort was Capt. James M. Ropes of the 2nd Cal. Cav., Co. G.

Upon the arrival of Company G, 2nd Infantry, Capt. John C. Schimdt of the 2nd Cal. Cav. assumed command on January 15, 1864. The next day, Companies D and G of the 2nd Cal. Cav. left Fort Tejon for Camp Babbitt. As the two Infantry companies settled into their new home, their time was occupied at repairing and maintaining the Fort's buildings that had fallen into disrepair during the two years that the post had been abandoned. There were frequent patrols mounted from the fort to keep track of unruly whites and to maintain control over the Pauites encamped near the post.

There were always duties to perform in garrison relating to maintenance of the troops. There was wood to be hauled and cut, rations to be prepared, inspections and endless drills on the parade ground. Company G would leave Fort Tejon on June 4, 1864 for Drum Barracks in Willmington. Fort Tejon would finally be closed when Company B left September 11, 1864, ending the military occupation of the post, lasting from 1854 to 1864


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