FTHA Civil War Program Regulations
Section 13: Authenticity Requirements

13.1: All clothing and equipment used in each individual's impression, including the camp areas, must conform to the May 1862 through April 1865 time period.

13.2: Each member must be properly attired in authentic clothing before being able to participate on the field at any CWP event.

13.3: In addition to the general requirements stated above, the following specific rules apply to Civil War Program participants:

13.3.1: Military and Civilian clothing, footwear, and accessories must be of proper period materials, construction, and style.

13.3.2: Infantry weapon will be a rifled or smoothbore percussion military musket. No flintlocks, Remington M1863 (Zouave) rifles, Hawken type rifles, or shotguns are allowed. [Participants using Remington M1863 rifles at FTHA CWP events prior to January 1989 may continue to use that rifle.]

13.3.3: Each cavalry participant must have a musketoon, carbine, or a rifled or smoothbore percussion musket. No flintlocks, Remington M1863 (Zouave) rifles, Hawken type rifles, or shotguns are allowed. [Participants using a shotgun prior to October 1985 or a Remington M1863 rifle prior to January 1989 may continue to use that weapon.]

13.3.4: Artillery must be full scale on six (6) or twelve (12) pounder carriages with a wheel diameter of fifty-seven (57) inches. The pieces must be either 6 pounder, 12 pounder, Parrott, or Ordnance Rifle field guns or be 12 pounder, 24 pounder, or 32 pounder field howitzers. On an individual basis, the use of other types of full scale field pieces may be considered by the Council of Administration. Approval must be by two thirds (2/3) of the entire Council of Administration. Any approval will be valid for one year and must be reviewed yearly after that time. [Artillery pieces in use at FTHA CWP events prior to October 1988 will be exempt from the above requirement as long as they remain with the Company using them at that time.]

13.3.5: Horse furniture for Federal mounted troops will be of the M1859 McClellan pattern. For Confederate mounted troops it can be M1859 McClellan, Grimsley, Campbell, Jenifer, or authenticated Plantation or English style. Other saddle types may be considered upon presenting documentation of use by the common soldier of the Civil War.

13.3.6: Colors must be full size, properly constructed, and their use must be documented. The Brigade Commanders will coordinate within their Brigades the types and numbers of Colors to be used in demonstrations.

13.4: The enforcement of the Authenticity Requirements must occur at all levels of the Field Command Structure (Company Commanders through Brigade Commander), with the CWP Director having the responsibility to see that the requirements are satisfied.